Personal Paradise Tuesday!

Another week swiftly flew by and here we are at our Tuesday enjoyment! Today my paradise was my little girl. We were driving in the car by  ourselves and I realized how quickly she was growing up. An intense feeling of wistfulness overcame me, I sighed, and said to my lovely Miss S:

“Oh darling, I wish I could just freeze you and keep you just like you are forever!”

My beautiful girl then paused, giggled, and said, “I’d be fine with that.”


girly time at the teddy bear tea party!

*swoon!* How I love her!

So how could I ask for any more? I have been gifted with beauty that is wrapped up in cute, silly, funny, flirty, crazy, passionate, strong, and whimsical. But the best part is that she is totally real – she can be frustrating, angry, stubborn, forceful, and distractible. And I love that about her! She isn’t a just a pretty princess. She is a wonderful, complex person who will be making this world a more fantastic place to be for everyone.


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