My sacrifices for education’s sake

English: Western Terrestial Garter Snake Juvenile

English: Western Terrestial Garter Snake Juvenile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the last few days of illness have left me feeling exhausted, down, and basically like I’m not doing a great job keeping up with all the ‘stuff’ there is to do, especially in regards to the children. But fortunately, as I come around and dig myself out of this cold I had a realization. I can at least point to one string of events that shows that I can be a really cool home educating mama. I apologize in advance for not having gross cool pictures of this experience.

A couple of years ago we were reading the book “How to think like a scientist” and there is a part in the book where the characters are talking about an old wives tale that says that if you hang a dead snake over a tree branch, it will make it rain.

Bear with me, but this is going to get creepy.

So on a separate random day the kids and I are taking a walk along a river when we come upon a dead snake. It looked as though he may have been run over by a bike but he was a very intact, clean looking specimen. Of course Mr B gets all excited and wants to take it home with us. Enter Super Homeschooling Mom!! I say: ‘Umm, sure.” So we hike back to the car, find a spare plastic grocery bag, hike back to the snake which is fortunately(?) still there, pick it up, and take it home. For some reason, that I cannot recall at the moment, we do not hang the snake right on to the tree branch when we get home but we put the snake – still in it’s plastic bag – on the driveway by the house.

Fast forward a day or two later when we suddenly remember our poor deceased friend. (oops!) So Super Mom returns and says: ‘Let’s go try it anyway!’ So our we go to find a stick to fish out the oh so lovely reptile and fling him over a low branch of the tree in our front yard. Now all we have to do is wait and see if it rains!

Two and a half days later, it rains. Of course we then had the obligatory conversation about weather the snake took that long to make it rain or weather it was just luck. We concluded luck.

Then we could finally get rid of the snake.

So I may not be the best mom, but I ask you – How many moms would do all that?  😉

Oh, yes. And then there was the time that we mummified the chicken. I do have a picture of him. (We named him Tiberius)


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